Thursday, 25 March 2010

New Wedding Range!

I’ve decided to take a break from designing my new wedding ranges to come update the blog.
I’ve been feeling poorly the last few days, so didn’t manage to get much done, but now I’m feeling a bit better and I’ve been inspired into designing some stationery sets including invitations, thank you cards, etc. I’ve made a ‘Simplicity’ range which I’ll hopefully be adding to the site tonight, and right now I’m working on a retro collection which involves lots of red ribbon! I love it.
I’m also designing leaflets to start leaving around local places, and my business cards should arrive any day now…I’ve got a few, and some pens, but I’ve changed the design a little to reflect the new themes.
I’m getting at least 80 views a day now, which is nice, and I’ve got quite a few repeat visitors who look a few times a week, which is confidence boosting…Now I just need to add more stock.
Oh, and make a Mother’s Day card for my mum…
Have a good night,
E x

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