About Us

My name is Elle, and I am the founder of Designs By Elle. I grew up in Warwickshire, and have lived here all of my life. I love it! I currently live with my other half, Mark, our Cavalier King Charles, Jasper, and two lizards.
The idea for Designs By Elle came a few years ago, while I was training in childcare. I have always loved papercrafts, and began to create scrapbooks for the babies in my care. I also created notebooks, which I used to record the babies day, and gave to the parents to take home each night. The parents loved them, and soon I had a small business. As well as being asked to create notebooks and scrapbooks for other children, I was asked to create notebooks, cards and scrapbooks for other events, such as birthdays and weddings.
Designs By Elle was launched online at the start of 2010, but has recently moved hosts, due to far too much server downtime at the old host. The new site is being updated every day, to feature cards, notebooks and home decor, and my new ranges as they are created.
Now, for the interesting stuff!
That’s everyone, apart from Crestie. She’s very hard to photograph, as she is still only around 4 months old. I’ll try to bribe her with locusts and get a photo up soon, though, she’s a gorgeous little thing!
E x